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Free Money - New Mexico Gas Company Offers Rebates up to $500 on Attic and Roof Insulation

A properly sealed and insulated home can help you keep your comfort

up and your cooling costs down — even in summer’s hottest weather.

But how do you know where you stand when it comes to insulation

and air sealing? With just a few tools you probably already own, you

can complete a DIY check of your home.

Start with a ruler or tape measure and check the depth of your current

attic insulation. If the level is less than 6 inches, you need to add more

insulation. Check for air leakage by taking a close look at the exterior

corners of your home. Inside, look for any cracks or gaps around

doors, windows, baseboards, and vents.

How to Know Your Home May Need More Insulation Without Climbing Into Your Attic

- Your home was built before 1990

- You have an expensive or unanticipated increase in your energy bill 

- Your home isn’t cooling properly, and some rooms are warmer or cooler than others

According to ENERGY STAR®, homeowners who seal air leaks and add insulation increase home comfort and can save an average of 15% on their annual cooling and heating costs. Plus, you can:

- Reduce outdoor noise

- Prevent pollen, dust, and insects from entering your home

- Control humidity

New Mexico Gas Company offers a rebate for 25% of the cost, up to

$500, when you work with a participating contractor to add

insulation. Here are two common types of insulation for your attic or


- Blown-in or loose fill – A good choice for older homes with

flatter roofs (less headroom); unique shapes; or multiple

obstructions like pipes, vents, and crossbeams.

- Rigid or spray foam – One of the most energy-efficient

options because it seals gaps, hard-to-reach places, and crevices that are often impossible to get to with other products. Foam is ideal for both attics and flat roofs.

All can be added on top of the insulation that currently exists in your attic. Consult with a participating contractor to see what type of insulation is best for your home.

Learn more. Get information on available rebates for adding insulation at

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