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A message from the GHNA President

Glenwood Hills was developed in the early 1960’s by a gentleman named Lonnie Brown. A Glenwood Hills lot could be purchased for $1,500 to $3,000 depending on the view or location. Of course, you had to pay another $1,000 for the city sewer and utility assessment based on the frontage of your lot. Back then, the original Glenwood Hills had overhead power lines and no city street lights (the residents in the city below did not want to look up towards the mountains at night and see lights). In addition, due to the terrain, rural nature sidewalks were not required. Many things have changed since then, including the prices; but Glenwood Hills still has 15 + undeveloped lots. One thing remains constant: Glenwood hills is still one of the most attractive and desirable places to live in Albuquerque. I moved to Albuquerque 45 years ago. My wife and I always loved Glenwood Hills. We loved the diversity of architecture, the large lots, and the views of the city. After 30 years we were able to fulfill our dream and moved to Glenwood Hills. I have served on the board of GHNA for 10 years and am now pleased to serve as your president. We have a very enthusiastic and active board. Our concerns are primarily crime prevention and improving the quality of life here in the foothills. The association works closely with the city administration, and have been very successful over the years in accomplishing many improvements for our residents:

  • Fought against inequities in increased in property taxes in 1976.

  • Worked with Planning Department in 1977/1978 to minimize the Glenwood Hills North Subdivision impact on the original Glenwood Hills Subdivision. This resulted in a reduction of density and larger lots boarding the original Glenwood Hills.

  • The board has worked closely with the city to implement such improvements as sidewalks on Larchmont and Montgomery, the police sub station and landscaping of the common areas.

  • Vandalism in the park and other concerns led to the formation of the volunteer patrol, one of the most successful in the city.

  • Prevented a proposed “bridge” from the upper portions of the High Desert development to Glenwood Hills from being built.

  • Prevented a 3 story storage facility from being built on the land that the Dwyer Substation now stands. Instead we worked with the city to build a Police Station and a Park & Ride facility on that land.

  • Worked with a visionary developer and the city to get a zoning change to residential on land that formerly housed the Wild Plum Restaurant (and other facilities) to build the beautiful “Glenwood Hill Lofts”.

  • Sponsor the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the summer picnic.

  • Establish the “Block Captain” program to provide a means of communicating between residents of Glenwood Hills on incidents/trends of crime and vandalism in order to reduce these type of occurrences in the neighborhood.

  • Worked with the city parks department to have a new play structure with shade canopy installed in our park.

None of this would be possible without the participation of our residents. I encourage you to join us. Come to our monthly meetings. Work on a committee. Or just provide your input. Together we can continue to work to make Glenwood Hill the best neighborhood in the city. Forest “Woody” Owens, President

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