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Top reasons to join GHNA

  • Member dues enable GHNA to improve and expand our police patrol program.  Glenwood Hills enjoys a lower crime rate than much of Albuquerque. We want to keep it that way. Currently this program provides neighborhood police patrols 1-2 times a week at random times.  We would like to increase the patrol with more rotations to help combat property crimes that occur during the day when residents are away.

  • The GHNA is your link to the City of Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Stay informed of news and decisions that impact the neighborhood.  Be part of a strong, collective voice to influence public officials and decisions that make our neighborhood a better place to live and boosts our property values.

  • Join one of our committees to help plan and organize our annual Spring Clean Up, Annual
    yard sale, National Night Out, and Easter Egg Hunt in Sunset Canyon Park. Improve the neighborhood 
    and in the process get to know others who make our community clean, safe, and connected.


Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association mission

  • Foreseeing and calling attention to emerging trends and problems before they reach crisis proportions.

  • Serving as the neighborhood’s voice for those policies and programs that improve the health, safety and well being of the neighborhood.

  • Providing means for widespread study and discussion of all pertinent issues and questions.

  • Fostering neighborhood interest and participation in community issues.

  • Generating and sustaining a spirit of neighborhood and community among area residents.

Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association (GHNA) is your property owners association. We work to keep our community safe, informed, and connected to municipal services and decision makers. Over the past 50 years GHNA volunteer staff have coordinated safety initiatives with the local police; represented our community at city and county meetings to influence emerging commercial and municipal projects that impact our neighborhood; and organized key events like the Spring Clean up, annual garage sale, National Night Out, and Easter Egg Hunt in Sunset Canyon Park. Your participation in GHNA, and voluntary dues payments, are key to preserving this great community.

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