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Glenwood Hills
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The Glenwood Hills neighborhood is nestled along the Sandia Mountain foothills on the eastern border of the city of Albuquerque. There is easy access to many hiking and mountain biking trails in the Sandia Mountains and the paved bicycle/pedestrian trail that runs for 10 miles along Tramway Blvd. Glenwood Hills is also located in close proximity to several shopping areas and many good restaurants so you have all the conveniences of city living. So we have the best of both worlds: convenient city amenities and the Cibola National Forest creating a beautiful mountain landscape as a back yard. We are proud of our neighborhood and do our best to make it a friendly and inviting place to live and raise a family. Glenwood Hills has an effective voluntary property owners association that looks after the security and other interests of the neighborhood.


The Glenwood Hills Association first meeting was held on Sunday September 12, 1971 at the Academy School for the purpose of establishing a non-profit corporation. The Articles of Incorporation was established on November 16, 1972. The name of the corporation is “The Glenwood Hills Association, Inc”. “This Corporation was created and shall be operated for the purpose of bringing together in closer friendship the residents and property owners of Glenwood Hills Subdivision and to unite in common goals”. At that time the Glenwood Hills Subdivision consisted of Units 1,2,and 3. The annual dues were $2.50 per person or $5.00 per family.

The initial concerns of the association were to support the Architectural Control Committee in their efforts to enforce compliance with the deed restrictions. Other concerns were drainage, security, and maintaining property values. The association organizers believed that through an association such as this, more influence can be exerted on plans for the development of adjacent vacant property and that we can provide valuable recommendations to the city’s proposals for the foothills area. The City Planning Commission and the Planning Department, at this time, expressed interest in working with neighborhood organizations. The is still true today since the association has no enforcement capabilities. The association accomplishes things by “working with” both non-elected and elected personal.

Over the years several adjacent neighborhoods joined the association. These include Glenwood Hills North, Glenwood Hills Units 4 and 6, Tierra Amada Townhouses, the trail head adjacent to Glenwood Hills North, and the Glenwood Hills Lofts (see map on Covenants page).


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Member dues enable GHNA to improve and expand our police patrol program.  Currently this program provides neighborhood police patrol  2-3 time a week at random times.  We would like to increase the patrol with more rotations to help combat property crimes that occur during the day when residents are away.



The GHNA is your link to the City of Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Stay informed of news and decisions that impact the neighborhood.  Be part of a strong, collective voice to influence public officials and decisions that make our neighborhood a better place to live and boost our property values.



Gain an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and build long-lasting relationships.  Join one of our committees to help improve the neighborhood and make friends in the process.

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