APD Patrol

GHNA is one of the few communities participating in the Albuquerque Police Department Chief’s Overtime Patrol Program. This program provides recurring police patrol in our neighborhood at varying dates and times. The patrolling officer contacts residents in case their garage door is left open at night to prevent burglary invitations, monitors our parks after closing, gives out traffic violations, and looks for suspicious activities.  In 2015, 83% of your membership dues went toward covering this program.  We have reduced the number of speeding violations in the streets and have prevented accidents as a result of cars failing to stop at intersections where there is a stop sign.  In addition, the vandalism is reduced as a result of this police presence.  We’d like to expand the patrol with additional days, as the criminal element is unpredictable.   In order to do this, maximum homeowner participation is critical!  Please visit our Membership page to become a dues paying member.