What are some of the major accomplishments of the association?

  • Fought against inequities in increased in property taxes in1976.

  • Worked with Planning Department in 1977/1978 to minimize the Glenwood Hills North Subdivision impact on the original Glenwood Hills Subdivision. This resulted in a reduction of density and larger lots boarding the original Glenwood Hills.

  • The board has worked closely with the city to implement such improvements as sidewalks on Larchmont and Montgomery, the police sub station and landscaping of the common areas.

  • Vandalism in the park and other concerns led to the formation of the volunteer patrol, one of the most successful in the city.

  • Prevented a proposed “bridge” from the upper portions of the High Desert development to Glenwood Hills from being built.

  • Prevented a 3 story storage facility from being built on the land that the Police Station now stands. Instead we worked with the city to build a Police Station and a Park & Ride facility on that land.

  • Worked with a visionary developer and the city to get a zoning change to residential on land that formerly housed the Wild Plum Restaurant (and other facilities) to build the beautiful “Glenwood Hill Lofts”.

  • Sponsor the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the summer picnic.

  • The neighborhood also supports and active garden club which helps in the clean up projects and upkeep of the common area.

  • Establish the “Bock Captain” program to provide a means of communicating between residents of Glenwood Hills on incidents/trends of crime and vandalism in order to reduce these type of occurrences in the neighborhood.

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