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neighborhood patrol

Chairperson: Marc LaChey (

The Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Patrol was formed in 1994 by Ray and Shirlee Ostenson to combat the large amount of Vandalism that was going on in Glenwood Hills – smashed mailboxes, graffiti, trash left over in the streets, and the high-speed traffic that was prevalent in the area. Community policing is a philosophy that recognizes the mutual dependence and shared responsibility of the police and the community in making Albuquerque safer and more livable.

We always need more neighborhood volunteers to help with the patrol. Our goal is 100% elimination of vandalism and to have a neighborhood were residents can walk the streets day or night and feel safe in doing it.  How does the patrol work? A patrol consists of two “volunteers”, a base station, and a Chiefs overtime police officer (paid by the Glenwood Hills Association). The patrol members are on duty for 2 hours shifts and watch for “unusual” activities, parties in progress, open garage doors, etc. They report these and any “suspicious” activities to the base station by “CB” radios. The base station calls the police officer by “CB” radio and the police officer investigates the incident. The volunteers do not confront anybody.

To become a volunteer, please contact Mark LaChey at the email address above, or fill out the Contact Form on the home page.